Reliability and professionalism

Our motto is to help our customers, by creating added value, to seize the opportunities afforded by globalization, thereby managing to internacionalize their business by penetrating new markets


Our customer base includes banks and financial institutions, corporations and SMEs from different sectors of industry, as well as public and private bodies and organizations, all of which must prepare and issue financial and accounting documents on a quarterly, six-monthly and/or annual basis.

We specialize in translating their annual financial statements, audit reports and quarterly and half-yearly earnings press releases. We also translate management reports, due diligence reports, corporate governance and social responsibility reports, corporate press releases, and all kinds of documents produced by the banking and insurance sector.

Our translators are expert linguists who master the terminology and style used in these types of texts. Furthermore, they all sign our confidentiality agreements, to ensure that the information facilitated by our customers remains strictly confidential


A legal translation not only calls for terminological accuracy and precision, but for a thorough understanding of the legal concepts that arise in the document that has to be translated, basically on account of the major differences that exist between the legal systems of different countries.

That is why all our legal translators are highly skilled, with extensive experience  in the pertinent legal fields. A guarantee that they know and understand the precise meaning of each and every technicality, one of the hallmarks of a legal text.

Our areas of specialization in this field include Minutes, Contracts, Collective Bargaining Agreements, Deeds, Articles of Association, Legislation (Spanish Official State Bulletin  – BOE) and Powers of Attorney.

We also translate general, civil and merchant law documents, appeals, administrative rulings, legal opinions, legal documents for competitive bidding procedures and all kinds of certificates.


Our areas of specialization in this field include:

  • Scientific abstracts and articles (translation and review)
  • Aeronautics
  • Construction
  • Demography and sociology
  • Energy (including standards and regulations)
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Geodesy and Geodynamics
  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Nuclear and Thermal Power Plants
  • User and Operating Manuals
  • In-house Procedures
  • Spanish Electricity System
  • Telecommunications and Telephony


Our areas of expertise in this field include:

  • All kinds of web pages 
  • News articles
  • Press releases
  • Press Kits
  • Films (scripts and bibles…)
  • Diplomas


Reasons to entrust your translations to our company


Our added value is created through quality, and to ensure that your company conveys the right message to those new markets, the documents upon which you base your internationalization strategy must be translated accurately and carefully, using professional methods.


Whenever your company communicates with actual or potential customers in its own country, the message it sends is crafted down to the tiniest detail. The same applies when you communicate with markets in other countries, and it is worth remembering that every word you use will have a bearing on your corporate image. That is why we make sure that those words convey an image of reliability and professionalism.


Our company does not use machine translation, a tool to which some resort, because it is incapable of producing accurate and consistent translations. However, we do use computer-aided translation tools, such as DéjàVu, which enable us to guarantee strict quality control.


If you don’t put a price tag on quality or on your business’ success, and the return on your investment matters more to you than the immediate cost, entrust your translations to us.