Every translation is a project

Translation is not just a matter of knowing two languages. The fact that you can speak two different languages does not automatically make you a translator

There is nothing further from the truth. Translators have to have a much broader skillset and, above all, be well-acquainted with the field and subject matter in question. That is why we only assign our translators projects that fall within the fields in which they have specialized. We never assign a medical translation to a financial translator, or a legal translation to a scientific translator.


Professional translations by experts

Hasting Traducciones, S.L.U. regards each translation as a project, and each project is assigned to a project manager. As soon as a project reaches us, a project manager assesses its individual requirements before allocating the translation to a translator, or to a team of translators in the case of large-scale projects.

We also have our own project management software that lets our project managers track and organize the tasks of each and every member of the team.

In the last stage of the process, each translation is always revised by another translator who is a native speaker of the target language.